Q and A with liposuction in atlanta

Smart Lipo Procedure

SmartLipo Procedure is usually confused with regular Liposuction itself, but the two are completely different. Regular Liposuction can be very time consuming and leave you in a lot of pain. SmartLipo uses a unique laser that targets fat cells and liquifies them to destroy them permanently. Use of a laser allows you to recover quickly and with little to no pain. SmartLipo is a safe, less invasive procedure, and can easily help you get back to the body that you want and deserve.

Traditional Liposuction is safe for areas of the body such as the abdomen, arms, back, thighs, knees, and ankles. SmartLipo can also safely remove excess fat deposits in these same areas. SmartLipo is becoming more and more popular because it leaves the patient with smoother, tighter skin, faster recovery time, and less bruising and pain than experienced with Traditional Liposuction. Liposuction in Atlanta is also a great procedure to receive if you have previously undergone Traditional Liposuction and are unhappy with your results.

Ideal Candidate

An Ideal Candidate includes individuals who have smaller excess fat deposits on their body. SmartLipo uses a laser instead in simply sucking the fat out, so the results will be slightly different from that of traditional liposuction. Everyone interested in SmartLipo should understand that this is not a replacement for major weight loss surgery. Ideal candidates should meet most or all of the criteria listed below:

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Q: What is SmartLipo?
A: SmartLipo is a minimally invasive liposuction procedure. The procedure is much less invasive than traditional liposuction, but you should still check with your plastic surgeon to see which treatment is best for your situation.

Q: What areas of the body can be treated with SmartLipo?
A: SmartLipo works just like Traditinal Liposuction. SmartLipo can be used to treat the arms, legs, back, and neck.

Q: Does SmartLipo remove cellulite?
A: The procedure is not designed to remove cellulite, but has been known to improve it in many cases.

Q: When will I be able to see the results?
A: You should see visible results within one week, and full results after a few months have passed.

Q: Are the results permanent?
A: For the most part the results are permanent, but if you don’t continue to take care of your body they can definitely be reversed.

Q: How much does SmartLipo cost?
A: There isn’t an exact cost for SmartLipo. The cost will depend on the experience of your plastic surgeon and which areas of your body are being treated.

Q: Will I have to stay in the hospital after the procedure?
A: No. Smart Lipo is normally performed in the office. Shortly after the procedure is completed you will be able to leave.

Q: How do I know if SmartLipo is for me?
A: You should take a look at the Ideal Candidate page to be sure that Smart Lipo is for you. Your plastic surgeon will be there to help you make the decision as well.

Q: Can men receive SmartLipo?
A: Yes. SmartLipo is for both men and women. All of the areas that are available for treatment work just as well on men as they do on women.

Q: Is more than one treatment required?
A: In most cases, one treatment of Smart Lipo is enough.
Exercise regularly
Be interested in removing small fat deposits
Have firm, elastic skin
Have realistic expectations


Fat Freezing Coolsculpting Atlanta Benefits

Coolsculpting has been around for several years. It’s actually a non-invasive, fat freezing procedure. That means that are are no needles, no downtime, in and out in under an hour. It’s amazing how you can target specific fat cells that you don’t want anymore. It takes anywhere between two to four months for those fat cells to eventually flush out of the body but once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Coolsculpting really is different from other technologies out on the market. Some use heat. Some are invasive and actually go in and remove the fat cells. Coolsculpting (using the cold) goes in, freezes the fat cells, and sets up a natural cell death process. So there’s no needles or surgery. There’s no downtime. Unlike liposuction where they’re going in and manually removing the fat cells, that can leave scarring and it will definitely have downtime with it, as well as unpredictable outcomes. With this, our patients go in, they have the treatment, and within an hour they can be back at the gym, they can be back taking care of the kids, and they can get back to their day to day.

How much does Coolsculpting cost?

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m always a little hesitant to give pricing information. The reason is, every single body is different. One individual might be able to come in and have a single treatment of Coolsculpting done and get the body they want. On the other hand, there might be another individual that may require several sessions on the same area or multiple areas to truly get that transformative event. So a Coolsculpting investment can certainly range, but what I can tell you the Coolsculpting Atlanta site from Slimplasty is that it usually starts at $600 per application. For some people, that might be more than what they want to spend. But the truth is, when you step into a body that you are confident in and you feel proud about, you go out into that world and you’re a better human being. You’re a better mom. You’re a better dad. You’re a better worker. You’re a better husband. You’re a better wife. I absolutely whole-heartedly believe in Coolsculpting and know that when we take people from the body that they have to the body that they want, they go out and they become more productive, loving, and engaged human beings.



Ultherapy Atlanta – The Nonsurgical Face Lift

Today, I’d like to review a very special procedure for you. It’s a procedure that everyone wants to know about. I’ll be reviewing Ultherapy. Ultherapy is ultrasound that’s going to wipe out face lifts, or least postpone face lifts or help when you do have a face lift.

Ultherapy is a relatively new treatment. It’s been in the United States for about 5 years. The really great thing about it is that there’s no downtime in the treatment. Not like a face lift where you have to recover for 3-4 weeks. It gives you lifting and tightening. It’s different from a laser. It’s not a laser. it uses ultrasound treatment and it’s below the surface of the skin, so it gives you a nice lift and tightening effect because what it does is it allows the deeper tissues to make new collagen. As we age, our collagen tends to get a little disorganized and we lose some of our volume and we some of our tissues tend to descend.

What happens with Ultherapy is, it uses ultrasound to generate heat deep in the tissues (not on the skin but deeper in the surface), and that allows the muscle layer in the deeper tissues to tighten. This is a gradual process. It’s the only FDA-approved treatment that allows for lifting as well as tightening without undergoing the knife.


So it’s one time only unless you want to touch up in a year or two. It’s ultrasound and it will stop the fear of having to have a face lift again, or if you really can’t afford a face lift I think this is really cost-effective. Some people see an effect immediately, and then there’s an additional effect about two weeks after the treatment. This continues up to three to six months when you get your peak maximal effects. It’s on-going and subtle.

ultherapy information

It isn’t too painful, but more importantly, not having to cut your face at this point in your life and have a chance to have a refreshed feeling is very great. For more information, visit the Ultherapy Atlanta page from Slimplasty.

Fine gold chains for men are crafted one at a time by hand

Jewelry is both an art form and an industry, and it has deep historical and social significance. Interestingly enough, for the most part, the same basic materials have been used in jewelry, for thousands of years, with gold and silver being the two most commonly utilized metals. Even today, when you buy a piece of fine jewelry, you are purchasing something that was crafted by hand, one at a time. That is why each piece of jewelry should be unique, like a snowflake or a fingerprint.

The two main components that comprise any given piece of fine jewelry are the precious metals and the precious stones. Not all gold chains for men contain stones, but pretty much all of them contain a precious metal, typically gold or sliver. Gold and silver have been used in jewelry making for thousands of years, and there are some pretty good reasons why that is the case. In addition to being rare, beautiful and valuable in a monetary sense, gold and silver are also very well-suited to being formed into jewelry. Some metals are more prone to breakage, but gold and silver are malleable enough to be easily shaped into countless different designs. Nonetheless, mastering the art of making fine jewelry out of gold and silver takes many years, and a great deal of patience and dedication. Though they are small, engagement rings require hours and hours of work, on the part of a highly skilled jewelry maker. Plus, because they are made of gold, they are even trickier to work with than silver, which is the best metal for beginning jewelry makers.

gold chains for menRings, whether gold or silver can be constructed in various different ways. One of the most common ways in which rings and other jewelry is made out of metal is by casting it. Casting is a difficult yet straightforward process in which a mold of the final design is filled with molten metal. The metal cools and hardens into a metal ring, which much be filed and sanded, until it looks appropriate. After that, it is polished, to create the glossy, shininess that fine jewelry pieces should have. This, of course, only creates the metal portion of the ring. If the ring is meant to have a stone set into it, the maker of the piece should leave a portion of the ring open, where the diamond or other stone is set. There should be no glue or other adhesives used, as the ring itself should be so well-crafted that the stone should perfectly and snuggly fit inside of it. The other way to make a ring that is equally common, but no less difficult and time-consuming is to hammer it out of sheet silver or gold. This is done by hammering a very thin strip of metal around a large cylindrical tool, using a heavy mallet. Eventually the strip will form into a circular shape, at which point the process of turning it into a ring is similar to finishing a cast ring.